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About this cake

Embrace the delicate elegance of green tea with our Matcha Dream Cake, a delightful three-layered masterpiece that will tantalize taste buds and impress tea enthusiasts. This exquisite cake offers a unique flavor experience, featuring a vibrant green tea matcha sponge cake perfectly complemented by creamy vanilla and a touch of white chocolate.


As the foundation of this delightful creation lies a light and airy green tea matcha sponge cake. Infused with the essence of matcha powder, this unique cake offers a vibrant green color and a subtle earthy sweetness that is truly captivating.


Encasing the matcha cake layers is a smooth and creamy vanilla buttercream filling. This classic filling provides a delightful contrast to the richness of the matcha sponge and the white chocolate ganache, creating a perfectly balanced and harmonious flavor profile.


The Matcha Dream Cake is adorned with a visually stunning design. We use green stripes to create a sense of elegance,while vibrant sprinkles add a touch of whimsy. To complete the visual masterpiece, the cake is finished with a cascade of white chocolate dripping ganache, creating a delightful textural contrast.


Please note that this cake contains matcha powder, a green tea derivative. While not a nut itself, it may pose a risk to those with nut and peanut allergies. We recommend avoiding this cake if you or your guests have such allergies.


Our Matcha Dream Cake is the perfect choice for any occasion, from birthdays and graduations to tea parties and cultural celebrations. Its unique green tea flavor and elegant design will be a delightful treat for tea enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike.


Embrace the serenity of green tea and create a memorable experience for your guests. Order your Matcha Dream Cake today and indulge in the magic of this exquisite creation.



Allergy information

Made in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other known allergens may be present. Not suitable for people with food allergies because allergens may be present in the environment in which they are made.  



For maximum flavour and soft, moist texture, keep it at room temperature for at least 2 hours before serving.

Consume within: 3 days.


Extras and toppings are an added cost


Matcha dream 6 inches

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