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Ice cream drip make every day special

I like creating sweets that are really sweet! I can't think of a cake or cookies that do not contain sugar, butter, eggs, flour, chocolate and everything that makes them delicious, soft and fragrant.

I know that these ingredients are not very healthy if consumed too often, but I do not suggest eating an exaggerated amount of desserts every day. But a little treat every now and then can only do you good. How nice it's to bite a cake and forget, just for a moment, all the daily worries!

You don't have to celebrate a birthday or some occasion, to buy a cake. For example, if you want something amazing and that puts a smile on your face just to watch it, I suggest you try my Chocolate Drip cake with fake melted ice cream on the top. It is a feast of colors and a pleasure for the palate. The cake should be served at room temperature to allow the chocolate butter cream to be soft at the right point. The vanilla sponge will surprise for its softness but also for its rainbow colors.

A cake or a little dessert to make every day special ;-)

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