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Happiness is homemade

Dear friends,

Have I already told you how much I love baking cakes?

If I have not, let me address this immediately. Making desserts is a way for me to relax and also to be happy. When I'm in the company of my ingredients, I feel like a wizard who is about to perform a spell.

Mocha Cake

During the creation I am focused as never before and I try to do everything perfectly.

I like pastry just because it is something that implies a great deal of precision and if everything is done properly, the result will be guaranteed.

Banoffee Cake

During this process there is nothing that can distract me and I abstract from everything. I only focus on the happiness that I will feel when my job is done and the cake is perfectly made.

Baci di Dama

I started to "play" and experiment with recipes since I was young, my parents had a collection of cookbooks and I enjoyed picking a cake and preparing it with my mum. The recipes of the Italian tradition were the first ones I tried and today I'm proud to offer some of them in the shop.

Torta di Ricotta

So if you want to try some Italian desserts and relish the tastes of my land, you do not necessarily have to buy a plane ticket to Italy: just take a look at my online shop!

Tiramisù cake

Soon I will also publish the cake that my granny used to make for my birthday. A delight filled with chocolate and almond cream! So if you want a slice, stay with me!


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