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About the filling: how to choose your favourite flavour

Hello! Here I am again with a new and hopefully useful post.

Today I would like to help you choosing the perfect filling flavour for your lovely cake.

As you know, my cakes are almost all covered in buttercream - which I'm really in love with, especially when it is Swiss meringue buttercream. It has a very sweet flavour, which goes well with the vanilla or chocolate sponge that I usually make, and it's perfect for decorations.

The typical filling of a birthday cake is still buttercream, and here is where the problem might be.

If you are not a person who likes extra sweet cakes, too much buttercream is not right for your mouth. In that case, I would recommend a fresh filling made of whipped cream and pieces of your favourite fruit.

For example, cakes filled with cream and strawberries or cream and mango are excellent. In this way the sweetness of buttercream dissolves enough, and the combination with whipped cream makes it well balanced.

Another filling that I love so much (and it is very popular in Italy patisserie) is the custard, with or without chocolate, because it has a delicate and pleasant taste. If you opt for this solution, you can think of covering the whole cake with whipped cream. For the best results, I suggest a Genoise sponge, which is lighter and more airy than a traditional Victoria sponge.

Do you fancy a super tasty filling, instead? Creamy Mascarpone cheese with whipped cream or with cream cheese or with Nutella, absolutely magnificent!

The only drawback of these ingredients is their fast perishability. Whilst buttercream lasts for quite a long time, even outside the refrigerator, unfortunately the other filling I mentioned require the cake to be well chilled, so you have to consume it within one or two days.

I hope I have given you some useful directions. If you want to try a new taste, let me know and I will provide the perfect cake filling for you!

Banoffee cake

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