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Favourite cake and filling combinations

Banoffee cake

I am often asked to recommend some combinations of fillings and sponges.

As a real glutton, I have an almost endless list of tastes that I like.

To tell the truth, I have a weakness for Genoise sponge cakes filled with vanilla and chocolate custard or custard and fresh fruit.

I'm also a fan of desserts decorated with whipped cream, stuffed with whipped cream and blueberry or strawberries compote. These are the combinations that I prefer because they give to the cake that freshness and lightness that I like to relish and it leads me to never be happy with a single slice, so I would devour the whole cake completely without problems.

But I know that many customers prefer vanilla sponge cakes, filled with buttercream because they have different tastes than mine, but there could also be practical needs not to be underestimated: perhaps they must display the cake on a buffet for several hours, and therefore they want to avoid whipping cream and egg cream because they could be damaged in the open air (and frankly these fillings are not so good at room temperature, you want to serve them fresh from the refrigerator).

So, to help you choose some good flavour combinations, I decided to write a small list of my favourites that you can request when ordering one of my cakes.

-My list-

Vanilla sponge, soaked in cherry syrup and filled with cherry jam and buttercream.

Vanilla sponge soaked in Maraschino syrup and filled with blueberries buttercream.

Vanilla sponge and coconut buttercream.

Almond and coconut sponge with passion fruit compote.

Lemon sponge, soaked with Limoncello syrup, filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream.

Banana sponge, filled with fresh banana, caramel and vanilla buttercream.

Orange sponge, filled with cookie cream and cookie buttercream.

Carrot cake soaked with whiskey syrup and filled with vanilla cheese buttercream.

Lemon sponge layered with vanilla buttercream, strawberry jam and chocolate buttercream.

Orange sponge filled with chocolate ganache.

Orange sponge, soaked with orange and Grand Marnier syrup, layered with orange marmalade and orange buttercream.

Chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate cake filled with kinder Bueno buttercream.

Chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream.

Chocolate cake layered with orange preserve and orange buttercream.

Chocolate cake layered with Oreo buttercream.

Chocolate cake layered with Nutella buttercream.

Chocolate cake filled with toffee buttercream.

Chocolate cake filled with salted caramel buttercream.

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