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Top Baking Tips You Should Know About

Here at Barbara’s Cakes, baking is truly the life and soul of our business. All the baking we do, whether that be creating your perfect birthday cake or your partners favourite sweet treat - comes from the heart. Therefore, we want to help you enjoy baking just as much as we do. So, to help you do this we have put together some really useful baking tips that you can try out yourself in the kitchen. Whether you are baking with your family, friends or on your own; these top tips are sure to be a smash hit.

Room Temperature Matters

You may notice in a recipe that you come across, that the recipe asks for room temperature dairy ingredients (you will find this is particularly in regards to eggs). When a recipe asks for this, ensure you follow suit. They have not said this simply for no reason! If an egg is too cold, it makes it a lot harder to create a soft consistency batter and this, in turn, could make your baked goods not quite up to scratch.

Have You Checked The Recipe First?

This may sound like an obvious point - but it is something we have all been guilty of at one time! If you read the recipe beforehand and ensure everything is ready for you as you reach each step of the instructions it will save a lot of time and confusion. Lay out all of your ingredients in an order that makes everything run smoothly. What if you have missed something that is crucial to the recipe and realise half way through and now have no time to fix it? That would be a waste of a lot of time and money that you can not get back!

Keep That Oven Door Closed

Especially when you are baking with children, the whole act of creating something from scratch that you can eat up together is very exciting. We (or the people we are baking with) may fall into the trap of repeatedly opening the oven door to see the progress of the creation coming along better. However, this can seriously ruin your baked goods! Letting the cool air in can prevent your amazing creation from rising and also slow down the cooking process. So, try to contain your excitement until after it has finished baking.

Thank you for reading our blog of the month!

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