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Frequently asked questions

When should I order?

Place your order as soon as possible, ideally 3 weeks in advance.

How do I order?

Choose your favourite design, the size of the cake and the flavour then contact me by email.

Do you deliver?

We deliver for a fee to all London areas close to our place (E16) from Monday to Friday from 6.30 pm; Saturday and Sunday morning and evening.

Serving size?

6 inches 10-12 servings

8 inches 28 servings

10 inches 42 servings

12 inches 56 servings

based on 1x2 inch servings

6 inches 8-10 servings

8 inches 14 servings

10 inches 21 servings

based on 2x2 servings

How do we store our cake?

Store the cake in the fridge. Be sure you keep it at room temperature for 2hrs before eating it, it's important the buttercream is soft enough for you to enjoy it the most! Consume within 3 days.

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