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Nonna's Birthday Cake, taste of my home.

Hello everyone,

today I would like to introduce a new dessert available on my shop online.

It is a very famous cake from my region in Italy (Abruzzo region), in dialect It is called "Pizza dolce" or Sweet Pizza. But as we understand from the pictures it has nothing in common with pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella. It is simply called Pizza because of its round shape :-)

This is a traditional cake that we use to make every time there is something to celebrate.

Pizza dolce

My grandmother was very skilled at preparing it, at first she made a huge sponge and then she was able to cut it into very thin horizontal layers, which she soaked with syrup and filled with tasty creams.

Each layer has a different type of delicious filling and syrup (créme patissiere, chocolate custard and almond cream. Syrups: Rum or Brandy liqueurs and the inevitable Alchermes, to finish a coffee syrup). On top of everything, the unmissable icing with colourful sprinkles.

The cake has to rest for one night in the fridge. Then, it can be served chilled the next day, perhaps with a glass of Prosecco. A real treat.

It's a very rich dessert, a new flavour for those who are not from Abruzzo, so I had to put it in my menu!

What I'm proposing you is the original recipe of my family.

I like to say that the "Pizza dolce" is filled not only with great ingredients but above all with good memories. And I hope it will be the same for those who will taste it and decide to bring it to the table during special occasions, just like my grandmother did.

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